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Deluxe Systems is your one-stop-shop for superior Material Handling Solutions. Leveraging over 54 years of industry expertise, we offer unparalleled storage and material handling systems that drive efficiency and productivity in your Eastern Massachusetts workspace.

Since January 1, 2019, we’ve been an esteemed division of the W.T. Hight Company, Inc., providing an even more diverse portfolio of products including advanced casters, precise leveling mounts, and an array of material handling essentials.

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At Deluxe Systems, we don’t just provide products, we deliver bespoke solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our team is committed to enhancing your operational efficiency with strategic, reliable equipment and expert guidance. Partner with us, and experience the Deluxe Systems difference that sets the benchmark in the industry. Experience high-quality, innovation, and efficiency, all under one roof.


Red automotive material handling solutions in a room

Automotive Shelving & Storage

From adding a few bins to a totally new facility – We set the industry standard for automotive parts storage and handling.

Employee opening rousseau modular tool drawer

Modular Drawer Systems

Efficient storage and retrieval of small-to-mid-size items that can save you about 60% floor space.

Storage and warehouse material handling solutions full of boxes

Pallet Racks, Cantilever Racks & Carton Flow Racks

Our racks come with adjustable shelves or components, allowing you to customize the configuration of the rack to meet your specific storage needs.

Custom design conveyor systems operated by a man

Conveyor Systems

Deluxe Systems can help you design a conveyor system quickly, and at an affordable price. We offer a complete selection of Gravity Conveyor and related components.

Four sided wire partitions and wall system material handling solutions

Wire Partitions, Wire Cages & Wire Safety Systems

Partitions and wall systems are structures used to divide a space into smaller, more functional areas. They can be made of various materials such as glass, metal, or even fabric and can be permanent or temporary.

3 different types of storage lockers as material handling solutions

Storage Lockers

We provide diverse material handling solutions, featuring a broad spectrum of locker types. This includes metal lockers, plastic variants, wooden options, and the adaptable combination lockers..

Yellow and blue mezzanines and work platforms

Mezzanines & Work Platforms

If you’re looking for an efficient way to increase manufacturing or storage space, a mezzanine is a cost-effective material handling solution – much cheaper than building anew or moving.

2 men inside the white modular office

Modular Offices & Portable Buildings

Are you looking for the perfect solution to your business’s space needs? Look no further than modular offices and portable buildings from Deluxe Systems!

3 different types of lifting equipment

Lifting Equipment

Our material handling solutions encompass a wide range of lifting equipment. These indispensable tools, such as cranes, hoists, forklifts, jacks, slings, and more, are specifically designed to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of heavy objects and materials.

Try out our customizable Build Your Way Customer Design Program made available for Deluxe Systems customers. 

Rousseau Storage Systems

Shelving and storage systems are designed to help you store and organize your items in an efficient and effective way. These systems come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials to meet different needs and preferences.

Styling black Rousseau garage organizer

Garage Organization

With a stylish design, a wide range of configurations, a choice of 20 standard colors, and unrivaled quality, Rousseau products are the ideal choice for tackling your personal project.

Customized technical workstation with corrugated shelf gallery

Workbenches & Ergonomic Seating

 Whether you are looking for a basic steel top bench with (2) legs & a stringer, or a full-blown assembly bench with a dozen accessories, we can supply a bench that meets your requirements.

E-Line Red and Black Wheeled casters

Casters & Wheels

Casters  are versatile mobility solutions that can help you move heavy items, furniture, and equipment with ease. Our huge inventory of casters come in a variety of shapes and sizes to best fit your needs. 

Simple wire shelving system

Wire Shelving & Metro Products

Shelving refers to the system of placing shelves or platforms at various heights within a structure or space, in order to store or display items.

Brown warehouse Safety Equipment

Warehouse Safety Equipment & Ladders

The use of safety equipment is essential in many industries, such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation, where workers are exposed to hazardous conditions.

Plastic Bins & Systems

Deluxe bins, boxes, and containers are premium versions of standard storage solutions, designed for higher-end storage and organizational needs. 

Yellow steel loading dock lifts and equipment

Loading Dock Lifts & Equipment

Loading docks are typically made up of a platform and ramp system that bridges the gap between the delivery truck and the building. 

Carts, hand trucks and moving dollies

Carts, Handtrucks & Moving Dollies

We represent multiple manufacturers so if you do not see what you want, please contact us and a representative will help you find a model that meets your requirements.

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Get To Know Deluxe Systems

Deluxe Systems is a full-service Solutions Provider with offices and warehouses in Eastern Massachusetts. We have been assisting customers with their Storage & Material Handling Equipment needs for more than 54 years.

Beginning January 1, 2019, we became a division of the W.T. Hight Company, Inc. – a business dating back to 1866 – which adds a wide array of casters, leveling mounts, and other material handling products to what we can offer you.

60+ Years of 5-Star Service

Our services include, but are not limited to, the layout, design, and installation of Industrial Steel Shelving, Pallet Racks, Bulk Racks,Mezzanines, Modular drawer systems, Wire Shelving, Wire Partitions, Lockers, Automotive Parts Department Storage Systems, Work Benches, In-Plant Offices, and more.

Warehouse with blue storage racks

If you are not sure how to store or move a particular product or material, please contact us. Chances are that Deluxe Systems has provided a product for another customer that will solve your similar problem. We can assist you by visiting your facility and working with you to determine solutions for your particular requirements. 


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Deluxe Systems is a Solutions Provider of Storage & Material Handling Equipment

The best way to get started on your journey to choosing the best storage and material handling equipment is to explore our online catalog. With over 54 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you select the products that best suit your needs. divisions of W.T. Hight company Inc. we offer a wide array of products such as casters, leveling mounts, and other material handling products, in addition to our already expansive catalog. So whether you’re looking for quality, fair prices, or a high level of service, Deluxe Systems is the perfect solution for you.

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