Deluxe Systems Project Spotlight: Implant Office System

Deluxe Systems completes many projects and displays our results for potential customers to view. Our craftsmanship, expert team, and quality systems and materials make us leaders in in-building offices, casters, and more. 

Our parent company, W.T. Hight, and subdivision, Deluxe Systems, offer various solutions, including portable buildings and modular solutions. No job is too big or small for our skilled team. Check out our recent Caster Central project spotlight below.

Project Details

This Deluxe Systems project spotlight focuses on a 1600-square-foot modular building system, serving as a new space for a waste management company. Our team constructed a modular building system from Panel Built Incorporated at their facility in Connecticut.

Many factories and warehouses require additional space for an office. Modular office buildings are the perfect versatile solution that effectively blocks out the sounds of machinery and other noise. Panelized building systems use thick wooden and vinyl panels with additional interior sound barriers.

They offer additional space benefits as their raised mezzanine design leaves room underneath for factory equipment and other storage. This modular space in this Connecticut factory holds multiple offices, a meeting room, and a common visitor area. Workers can operate as usual while others conduct business on the mezzanine floor.

Kevin Adamovich, one of our team’s Territory Sales Managers, coordinated the installation of this sizable modular office building. It safely supports the company’s necessary office equipment, furniture, and HVAC equipment while allowing little exterior sound past its walls.

The factory and its workers now have a durable interior space to perform corporate tasks and speak with customers.

W.T. Hight and Deluxe Systems

We offer high-quality rolling casters, portable building spaces, modular storage solutions, platforms, and more. With other offerings from ergonomic furniture to conveyors, we’re called Deluxe Systems for a reason.

Our team considers your needs before beginning the assembly process. For this Deluxe Systems project spotlight, project requirements included a custom height for the deck to adequately fit the company’s machinery under the office space.

We possess the necessary expertise and equipment to install modular offices safely and securely. Our team can perform installations in hours or days. 

Our extensive range of portable and modular buildings allows us to meet various indoor space demands. Prefabricated temporary structures are available in raised and floor-level options.

About Panel Built, Inc. and Modular Building Systems

Panel Built, Incorporated is our choice for building systems. Modular buildings from Panel Built are the result of over 25 years of expertise crafting portable buildings and wall systems. Unlike traditional construction, they allow you to expand or reduce their size as necessary.

Whether you want fiberglass, steel, or soundproof panels, our team pinpoints walls best for offices, bathrooms, and other high-traffic locations. Portable wall panel options from Panel Built include those on mezzanine platforms, ground-level offices, multiple-story offices, and rooms between two and four walls. The Deluxe Systems project spotlight highlights flexibility.

Deluxe Systems is excited to work with any company needing modular indoor buildings or mezzanine systems. As a subdivision of W.T. Hight, Inc. and a partner of Deluxe Systems, we understand businesses’ interior space struggles, storage needs, and more. Let us fabricate your modular interior building today.

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